Design Services


If you have engineered drawings, plans or simply a sketch on a napkin, Comet Welding can design and build to your specifications. Our design services include step by step drawings of each fabrication process through our design software. Analyzing each project into steps allows us to accurately quote on material, time, and delivery of the completed project. We oversee your project start to finish, keeping you informed and engaged at each step of the way.


Initial Concept

You have an idea but are not sure if it can be done, how much it will cost or even if it is possible in a real- life application. Our team will schedule a meeting to review your ideas. With decades of fabrication experience we can provide the best advice for you to confidently move your project forward. Our customers understand the benefits of sharing custom and industry leading information with us which we hold in total confidence. 


Planning & Design

When we are planning your project, we take your concept and break it down into multiple steps. We find ways to improve your design to achieve better performance at an optimal cost. We utilize the latest in computer design technologies offering a full visualization of your finalized project. To ensure your project is completed to the highest standard of quality and meets industry standards, we also collaborate with professional engineers, if required. For complex projects, our team can fabricate prototypes to further aide in the development of your project. Lastly, we provide a comprehensive estimate of cost and time for your review and approval.


Project Development

Once approved, our highly skilled team gets to work. We keep you informed and engaged at each stage of development. From start to finish, our craftsmanship and quality are unmatched. We stand behind our work and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

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