Community Projects


2019-7-03-echofishingdonation.jpgIn 2020, Comet Welding in partnership with the Len Thompson Fishing Company was recognized globally for the complete fabrication of "The World’s Largest Fishing Lure". We received accreditation from the Guinness Book of World Records. The Yellow & Red Five of Diamonds is impressive in size measuring 40ft 5.25 insWorld Record Resize.jpglong. It is a total of 25ft longer than the previous record holder. The spoon itself measures 27.5ft long and 9.5ft wide and the Treble Hook measures 14ft long and 8ft wide.

This is only one of Comet Welding’s many examples of how we can custom fabricate your biggest projects. Our innovation and out of the box approach provides us with the ability to turn any concept into a real-life application.

We are proud supporters of our community and believe it is our responsibility to give back. You will often find our logo throughout the community on projects we have proudly undertook. We have also had a long standing membership with Lacombe's Chamber of Commerce. 

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