Flash Attack Rapid Response Unit

The impacts of wildfires are devastating. We have seen an increasing prevalence of record breaking wildfires in recent years globally.  Millions of acres have been destroyed, displacing families, destroying communities and wildlife habitats. Some of these events have been labelled catastrophic and as we approach March, another season of Wildfires is fast approaching.   
Flash Fire & Safety is committed to providing solutions in the fight against wildfires. They have become a trusted leader in the innovation of firefighting support solutions and their fully customizable, portable, modular units are a solution that offers versatility, dependability and cost effectiveness in wildfire suppression. The Flash Attack Rapid Response Trailer Unit is a highly mobile trailer for difficult terrrains, that is lightweight and contains
everything you need to respond to fires. 

To find a complete list of trailer specifications, features and solutions. Click Here.


Comet Weldilogo_ffs.pngng Ltd. has become a proud supporter of Flash Fire & Safety’s initiative. Through Comet Welding’s fabrication process to the completion of each Flash Attack Rapid Response Unit, we are proud to provide Flash Fire & Safety with fully customizable solutions.
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